Sunday, 14 October 2012

Home Landscaping

Home landscaping doesn't simply mean placing plants into your vacant front or backyard and making things look "green". When you are building and landscaping your own home, you need to commit some time and also put in a ton of creative thinking to beautify your front lawn or backyard.
On this page are some diy tips to landscape your lawn: First, clear the general area that you will be designing and go back to square one. This is going to give you a much better "canvass" to use. Next, draw the general look that you would like to have for your yard.
Make a list of the plants, trees and shrubs that you can plant. When selecting the variety of plants, make sure that there will be a plant which will flower or bloom for each season of the year-- winter, spring, summer and fall. For instance, perennial flowers will bloom in May, however after that it will simply look like a plain plant.
Having a plant that blooms in a different time of the year would make your garden have a focal point even if other plant variations are not in season.
If possible, make a layered planting area. At the back row which is the farthest from your house, plant the variants which grow the tallest. This is going to form the base of your landscaping. In the middle and front rows, place the shorter plants. Ensure that you use this guideline in every area of the garden where you plan to place the plants for a more 'trimmed' look.
You can even change the design of your walls, fences and you can eved add patio pavers st. louis . When picking "furniture" for your garden, just like a table and chair garden set, place them in an area where they can best be seen and appreciated.
Setting up a water fall is a good idea to increase the main attractions of your landscaped garden. With some effort and a lot of creativity, you'll feel fabulous when you look out your window and you view the landscaped lawn which you created and built on your own.
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